Library and Entertaining Space                                             Samara Retirement Community                           Grand Rapids, Michigan

Samara Lake Retirement Community is a contemporary reflection of rich histories, and full lives, as residents are welcomed home to an environment that reflects nature through cool hues, natural textiles and materials, and expansive views of lake and woods. Clean, uncomplicated lines allow for the beauty of the natural honed architectural features to emerge in this Cape Cod-inspired setting that builds on the principles of New Urbanism. An immediate sense of community is established with the lakeside town setting of “main street” gathering spaces that provide group areas as well as “side street” areas for quiet, tete-a-tetes. Samara Lake is a place to call home that not only offers relaxation, but also inspires its residents for the next chapter in life.

These renderings are created in Google Sketchup and rendered in Photoshop.