Gracieux, French for “graceful”, is a fictional 1950’s era recording label of Parisian and New Orleans’ Jazz. Purchased by Asum GmBH of Augsburg, Germany, the label will begin remastering original recordings. The fictional client’s desired to have Beiedermeier furniture incorporated with that of the 50’s Jazz era.

Fluid, elegant & alive, Gracieux Recording’s skybox emphasizes not just Jazz as music, but Jazz as a way of life.

Inspirations are: Jazz, Mid-century Parisian design, American Creole design, 50’s Mod, Frederic Mechiche, a contemporary French designer, and John Vaccari, a contemporary New Orleans designer.

The photography incorporated is my own of New Orleans, the wallpaper is vintage hand stamped paper, and the elevations and plans were drawn in AutoCAD and rendered in PhotoShop.

I designed the logo from a photograph I took of an old record covers and ink smudges.