Innovative business concepts and the Internet have redefined the career of the creative. The waters still largely uncharted and the future speculative, creative enterprise opportunities are open to inventive solutions and never before employed tactical approaches. Here inlies my passion for what I do.

What do I do? I help other creatives actualize their businesses online, in print and in person. It’s too much fun, to be honest. My background in Interior Design, Production Design, Project Management, Gallery Management, Art History, Photography, Graphic Design, Copywriting & Social Media gives me a honed skill set as a creative consultant.

Ok, so let me break that all down … I began in Adobe Creative Suite over 10 years ago, which remain always open applications on my dashboard. I also became active in photography from a young age, eventually working my way to my own independent business shooting weddings, events and portraiture during summers in college. That has largely carried over into my abilities in event and product photography, while I still maintain a personal compulsion to shoot everything that sparks my eye around me, and am easily guilted into photographing friends’ kids in the park. Creative writing was another young love of mine that remains and has translated nicely into representing clients’ interests. I first started writing Press Releases as a freshman in college for a gallery in my hometown that was going under. Initially I was charged with liquidating the works, but through reevaluating the market values of the collection and expanding the customer base I was able to prolong the business two more years. My BFA is in Interior Design with a minor in Art History – in the floundering housing market I found this more applicable to freelancing as a graphic designer and in film production departments. To survive in the arts in Michigan during the 2000’s I had to be adaptable, an idea person and a quick learn.

Since moving to New York I have launched my business and gained and fostered connections. I am an admin on more social media accounts than I can count – including many NYC centric Facebook pages with upwards to 100k followers (here’s a sample post sharing out to those pages). I have designed over 15 websites and blogs for clients, many which I still maintain, though most my goal is to also have the client comfortable and fluent in the site if they so wish. I’ve represented clients at trade shows, openings, luncheons and dinners, as well as online, providing their brand’s voice.