mc2 design lab is a creative collaborative effort between industrial designers Desmond Miller and Jerry Cmehil. The boys run the gamut, specializing in industrial design, furniture design and interior architectural design.

Desmond Miller, born in Lisboa, Portugal, studied Interior Design at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and completed his education in Interior and Industrial Design Technology at Parson’s School of Design. He began his design career in Philadelphia, PA working as an interior designer for high profile design firms while freelancing as a product designer. After moving to New York he continued designing interiors for private residences as well as designing custom products for several prestigious design firms and showrooms in the US and abroad. Desmond’s aesthetic is derived from the disciplines of modern, classic, and minimal design principles respecting their history while emphasizing what’s to come. He is also the senior designer at ddc New York.

Jerry Cmehil is originally from the Czech Republic, where he studied Furniture Design at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague. He was first practical training in design and manufacturing at the Art Craft Studios in Karlin, Prague. After completing his education at Columbia University with a Masters Degree in Advanced Architectural Design, Jerry began working in New York City with the most prestigious design firms on their product lines and equally prominent clientele on their private residences throughout the world. He specializes in high-end audio visual installations, industrial product design and interior architectural design.

mc2 design lab’s diverse furniture pieces remain modern and minimal, while offering up an edge of uniqueness with one-of-a-kind touches. Everyday objects are rethought, reformed and re-inspired with fusions of color, line and seemingly gravity defying shapes.