There are a lot of things a small business can do to add a punch to their site without spending a lot of cash.

  1. Integrate social media within the site. Social media platforms are user friendly, nearly anyone within the business can interact with these platforms and they add personality to the business.
  2. Integrating and executing a blog. A blog allows for the small business to elaborate on their business’ passions within a personal forum, they are also a great way to link to the site via platforms, such as: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and so on that are likely more search engine optimized than their sites, ie, people are more likely to stumble upon these forums and find themselves redirected to the business’ site, increasing exposure.
  3. Migrate the site to WordPress. WordPress sites have the same user friendly backend that WordPress blogs do, and prevent the site from going stagnate because updating content on the site is a snap, not something that has to be done through the orignal developer each time, costing the site owner more and more money. Drupal is also great, and both are SEO considerate.
  4. Content – Content is key. Provide content people want, need or find interesting and it will spread virally across the internet with no time or effort from the content creator. People share great content, give it to them and they will tell others. This can include anything from having a sale, to writing a personal perspective piece.For more information and samples of what I am referring to, just let me know.