Cultivating brands and projects – whether small firms and agencies or individual designers, artists and musicians – every aspect of it, from infancy to fruition, takes special finesse. Real passion, innovation, sticking out of one’s neck – these things still occur in the arena of small business. Fresh, new projects also can carry the burden of a small budget, so it’s important to work from a “quality over quantity” mindset and start with a small, widely skilled team.


Offering small business owners in the creative fields, from sustainable architecture to stationery, brand consultation,
representation and content development.

PR/Outreach Coordination

Obtaining and fostering new and existing press contacts, managing coverage content and materials. Seeking and building cross-promotional relationships with relevant companies and entities. Utilizing existing industry contacts on behalf of client.

Event Administration

Coordinating, planning, organizing, promoting events. Obtaining sponsorships and cross-promotional partnerships. Locating events to take part in. Inviting press, guests, speakers, and other relevant parties.

Social Media Management
Created and designed numerous Facebook Pages, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin Profiles, YouTube Channels and WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr Blogs. Currently manage and/or am an admin for over 10 Twitter accounts and over a dozen, and counting, Facebook pages – one example.

Building and Maintaining Websites
It’s important that a brand’s website be as fresh and modern as its ideas, and to be so it must be user and viewer-friendly. Ensuring the site is capable of lo-tech updating and sharing, and has the ability to grow to meet future needs will spare many headaches down the line. For a site to play its part as the vital online home of an initiative, behind-the-scenes features that allow for accessibility via mobile/ipad, easy share URLs, search engine optimization and indexing, visitor interaction and opt-ins, scheduling, and more make all the difference. Facilitating traffic and engaging online conversation puts it out there that this brand is the go-to expert and tastemaker of the field.

8+ Years Experience in Photography – product photography as well as model photography for visual media.

Working with clients to cohesively put a voice to their print and online personas –including ghostwriting, guest writing blogs, bios and press releases for launches, events, artists and musicians. Freelance writer and photographer for multiple online publications, past music editor.
Sample Blog Post Re-Write
Press Release Samples
Sample Bio

6+ Years Experience in Graphics, Logos & Marketing Material Creation — everything you need to present your business virtually and in print.
Ad design has appeared in print media in the US and UK, as well as a Warner Bros film.
Sample Event Logo Workup

Adobe Creative Suite – Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Lightroom, InDesign, Dreamweaver
Drafting and Rendering – AutoCAD, Google Sketchup
Business – Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Google Docs/Sheet/Calendar, iCal, Insightly, Active Collab, Outlook, Network Solutions, Skype, GoMeeting, WordPress, Drupal
Social Networking – HootSuite, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, Google +, Myspace, ello, Blogger, Yelp, Google Products, Ebay, Amazon and more.
Shopping Carts – WooCommerce, Zen Cart, Volusion, Miva, 3d Cart, Ewcid.

BFA Interior Design, Associates Art History, Associates Liberal Arts – Kendall College of Art & Design ’08


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Small Business ::
How to add ‘WOW’ factor, without breaking the bank

There are a lot of things a small business can do to add a punch to their site without spending a lot of cash.

  1. Integrate social media within the site. Social media platforms are user friendly, nearly anyone within the business can interact with these platforms and they add personality to the business.
  2. Integrating and executing a blog. A blog allows for the small business to elaborate on their business’ passions within a personal forum, they are also a great way to link to the site via platforms, such as: Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr and so on that are likely more search engine optimized than their sites, ie, people are more likely to stumble upon these forums and find themselves redirected to the business’ site, increasing exposure.
  3. Migrate the site to Wordpress. Wordpress sites have the same user friendly backend that Wordpress blogs do, and prevent the site from going stagnate because updating content on the site is a snap, not something that has to be done through the orignal developer each time, costing the site owner more and more money. Drupal is also great, and both are SEO considerate.
  4. Content – Content is key. Provide content people want, need or find interesting and it will spread virally across the internet with no time or effort from the content creator. People share great content, give it to them and they will tell others. This can include anything from having a sale, to writing a personal perspective piece.For more information and samples of what I am referring to, just let me know.

On Consulting Artists & Designers

Innovative business concepts and the Internet have redefined the career of the creative. The waters still largely uncharted and the future speculative, creative enterprise opportunities are open to inventive solutions and never before employed tactical approaches. Here inlies my passion for what I do.

What do I do? I help other creatives actualize their businesses online, in print and in person. It’s too much fun, to be honest. My background in Interior Design, Production Design, Project Management, Gallery Management, Art History, Photography, Graphic Design, Copywriting & Social Media gives me a honed skill set as a creative consultant.

Ok, so let me break that all down … I began in Adobe Creative Suite over 10 years ago, which remain always open applications on my dashboard. I also became active in photography from a young age, eventually working my way to my own independent business shooting weddings, events and portraiture during summers in college. That has largely carried over into my abilities in event and product photography, while I still maintain a personal compulsion to shoot everything that sparks my eye around me, and am easily guilted into photographing friends’ kids in the park. Creative writing was another young love of mine that remains and has translated nicely into representing clients’ interests. I first started writing Press Releases as a freshman in college for a gallery in my hometown that was going under. Initially I was charged with liquidating the works, but through reevaluating the market values of the collection and expanding the customer base I was able to prolong the business two more years. My BFA is in Interior Design with a minor in Art History – in the floundering housing market I found this more applicable to freelancing as a graphic designer and in film production departments. To survive in the arts in Michigan during the 2000’s I had to be adaptable, an idea person and a quick learn.

Since moving to New York I have launched my business and gained and fostered connections. I am an admin on more social media accounts than I can count – including many NYC centric Facebook pages with upwards to 100k followers (here’s a sample post sharing out to those pages). I have designed over 15 websites and blogs for clients, many which I still maintain, though most my goal is to also have the client comfortable and fluent in the site if they so wish. I’ve represented clients at trade shows, openings, luncheons and dinners, as well as online, providing their brand’s voice.

Press Release Samples


Sample Event Invites


Graphics :: Proofs to Implementation


New power color stationery from Effie's Paper
New power color stationery from Effie’s Paper

social media management

I’m proud to manage effie’s paper’s social media, follow the links below to have a look …


Facebook facelift • redesign & 1 week content admin

Real Estate / Broker Site Design


One Day Logo & Site Designs

Sample Artist Intro Email

Pinterest Tips

a recent card design come to fruition

Trade Show Booth

The result of a design done satellite in Google SketchUp, with the graphics created and installed by outside sources.


As far as Social Media, I have a far reach on Facebook, including over 20 pages, many of them being NYC-centric and numbering around 100k followers total.

For example, with this reach I was able to add over 1500 new likes in under 4 months on an entertainment related publication Facebook page,, with up to 90 in a day and around 10-20/day as a high average.

Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Google Plus IMDb StumbleUpon pinterest Tumblr


I have also increased their Instagram followers, as well as the followers on every other platform they are active on.

BronzeCo Portfolio Shoot

Sample Blog Post Re-Write

Fun Sale Graphics for Online Head Shop

Abstract Product Rendering for Social Media Sharing


Few Sample Business Card Designs

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 12.35.58 PM