This is a fantastic project I’ve done with both living legends like Adam Franklin, Blake Schwarzenbach, Bob Nastanovich and Sufjan Stevens, and new fresh-on-the-scene bands and musicians.
Currently the project is being published to Openears Music’s – a live music community, soon to be new App – healthy Instagram account using the #openearsinfluencers. I’ve also opened up entry to extend to industry professionals beyond just musicians.
Here’s my submission (screen capture in footer). Below are better details out how to submit your entry.
Find more on my music journalism experience here.
The OpenEars Music instagram #tbt feature revolves around albums that inspired your love of music and involvement in the industry in whatever capacity you are involved whether a musician, label, producer, writer, photographer, blogger, record store, etc.
We want this to be exposure for you and your craft, but also to create discussion on old albums that we love, whether well known or an under the radar artist.
So here’s the deal:
What’s an album or albums that inspired your love of music and helped you want to get involved in the music industry? 
Send us a small write up about the album and why it inspired  you. This can be as small as “This was the very 1st album I bought” or as detailed about what makes this album so special.
Send a picture of the album. Ideally we would love it to be a picture of the album you physically own (vinyl would be rad), whether it’s just the album, you holding it, whatever. But if you no longer can find the physical copy for a picture, you can send a pic of the album cover from the webs.
Small bio about yourself. Ex: “Mike Gerry is the guitarist for the band Pollen Haters, their debut album is out May 5th”
Tag someone else you know in the industry to participate.
Ex: Tag, @exineb you’re up next, what’s your album?
The Thursday feature is intended to spark conversation within the industry, and to aid in discovery for fans. Some week’s we will have themes like “musicians, bloggers, label, etc.” so if it’s a theme week we will let you know.
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